Quality Silage films – best protection for your silage

Zill quality silage films are top products that meet the highest demands. With the help of the latest extrusion technology, high-quality silage films are created that can be optimally used in agriculture and are well proven. Constantly optimized manufacturing processes in combination with the highest quality materials, such as virgin LDPE with metallocenes, ensures the best gas density, tear and puncture resistance. Our silage films in combination with our agrifol® underlayer and sidewall film create an optimum oxygen barrier. The extra strong packaging with edge protection prevents damage during transport and storage.

Maximum food safety with silage films made from virgin material

Protection and safety of silage are always a priority for Zill. Our silage films made of virgin material offer maximum safety and reliability. Only they achieve the necessary hygiene and purity to prevent contamination of the silage and ultimately the milk.

Used silage films made from virgin material are a valuable raw material. Through recycling, regranulate is obtained from it and used to produce regenerated film for other areas, such as construction film. The cycle of valuable materials is thus closed and resources are conserved. Zill therefore provides the highest quality and maximum sustainability.

DLG-tested quality

Constant quality controls and further development of the products are among the well-known trademarks of Zill. Currently our two quality silage films agrifol® DLG as well as the ultimate powerfol® morgengrün have passed the new DLG-test of additional weathering and received the new DLG quality seal! We will continue to do everything in our power to offer farmers maximum safety and quality with the DLG standards.

Our silage films are available in many different versions.

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