Silage films – effective and high quality

Effective protection for every silage

Zill Quality silage films are top products, which meet the highest requirements. By means of the latest extrusion techniques a high-quality silage film is created, which is perfectly suited for all agricultural sections. The advanced production technology combined with top-rated materials, such as virgin LDPE with metallocene, ensures highest levels of gas density and tear resistance. Together with Zill agrifol® underlayer film an optimal oxygen barrier is generated. Silage films by Zill are offered with different features. The extra strong packaging with edge protection avoids transport damages during tranportation and storage. Persistent quality controls and ongoing product developments are part of the well-known trademark Zill. Currently our two Quality silages films agrifol® DLG and ultimate powerfol® morgengrün have passed the new DLG test of additional weathering and received the new DLG seal of quality! In the future, we will continue to do everything in our power to offer farmers maximum safety and quality with the DLG standards.

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