Bale netwraps by Zill

Premium quality for a perfect edge-to-edge wrapping

Bale netwraps by Zill have an improved spreading characteristic so that they run in the complete width of the bale. Our bale netwraps are exclusively manufactured with high-quality HDPE materials which are strong and antistatic. These materials ensure an edge-to-edge wrapping on all makes and models of machines and meet the highest requirements.
The bale netwraps' tear resistance as well as its smooth unwinding and cutting were tried, tested in practice and approved by the DLG Signum test.

You are searching for a protection for your wrapped bales? Visit our product PolyTex - straw, hay bale and grain protection.

Zill Polystar Rundballennetze DLG

 Download the DLG-Test Report:

pdficon small    PolyStar® DLG-Test Report [PDF, 1,5 MB]


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