Woodchip protection cover and composting fleece

Protection against wind and weather.

As an alternative to an indoor storage of grain PolyTex® provides a possibility to protect woodchips outside from wind and weather. PolyTex® is previous to air, water repellent, tear resistant and considerably less sensitive to wind than film or tarpaulins. The fleece largely drains off the rain along its surface and keeps the woodchips dry. Because of its ability to respire, the moisture inside the woodchips can dry off. Also the high UV-stability and the life expectancy of the cover is considerably higher compared to film or tarpaulins.
For the best fastening the cover is weighted down with Zill silo bags. Furthermore, our PolyTex® protective cover works perfectly as a composting sheet or to protect other agricultural commodities.

PolyTex® keeps down the level of moisture of the woodchips to a minimum in order to gain an optimum energy yield.

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Unser Hackschnitzel schutzvlies in Anwendung auf einem Haufen Holzhackschnitzel.



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